Welcome to Business Forum Dreieich

Set up your office in an innovative and inspiring ambience.

The BUSINESS FORUM DREIEICH arose from the former manufacturing and office complex of the Ellen Betrix cosmetics company in Dreieich Sprendlingen and now houses multifunctional work and retail spaces with loft character for modern businesses.

A total floor area of approximately 18.000 square metres, split into four parts of the building, contains retail and fitness spaces in the ground floor and loft-like office spaces in the first through fifth floor. Each part of the building is accessible via a separate entrance equipped with access restrictions. 280 parking spaces provide sufficient car parking for your team, your customers and you.

The Co-Working area offers spaces ranging in size between 16 m² to 250 m².

In the building parts reserved for exclusive use you will find spaces from 250 m² all the way up to your desired floor area.

Modern and variable layouts can be implemented in an effortless and timely fashion according to customer wishes.